Black Belt Grading 2015 Results
The annual Black Belt grading took place this past weekend, here are the results

What Is MayoShinDo?

What Is MayoShinDo

MayoShinDo is a modern martial art for a modern world.

Oxford MayoShinDo

Oxford MayoShinDo

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Cornwall MayoShinDo

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Welcome to MayoShinDo

MayoShinDo is a modern martial art for a modern world although it is based on traditional Japanese and Chinese styles. Movement is as near "natural" as possible. MayoShinDo karate is primarily a striking art with blocks, avoidance, take-downs, locks, weapons, falling and groundwork - all included in a set syllabus for each grade. There are kata (forms) for all grades. Paired or group practice is non-contact and there is no breaking, shouting or hardening of fists. Mitts, shields, bags etc are used to test a student's focus, accuracy and power. MayoShinDo Judo is known as “Ju Judo” because it is a “gentle” way and does not use strength but reacts to partner’s movement. Clubs are based around Oxford and West Cornwall.

Upcoming Events

Fri 31 Jul (1 day 16 hrs)
Junior Karate 18:00 - 19 00 PM
Fri 31 Jul (1 day 17 hrs)
Junior Karate 19:00 - 20 00 PM
Fri 31 Jul (1 day 18 hrs)
Senior Karate 20:00 - 21 30 PM
Sun 02 Aug (3 day 09 hrs)
Cardio Kick Circuit Training 10:30 - 11 30 AM
Chipping Norton
Mon 03 Aug (4 day 18 hrs)
Karate 20:00 - 21 00 PM

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