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MayoShinDo Karate, Judo & Kickboxing

MayoShinDo is a martial art based on traditional karate and kung fu, and incorporating judo, kickboxing and self-defence. The style is well-established, having been initially developed by our founder in the 1950s. We have clubs in Cornwall and Oxfordshire, all of which are run in a friendly, quiet and non-intimidating manner. All our instructors are qualified, insured and DBS checked. MayoShinDo is great for students wanting to improve fitness and confidence. There is no minimum fitness requirement to start, so anyone from 7 to 70 (or more!) can learn. Our aim is to ensure all our students learn safely and learn good technique but most importantly enjoy doing it. Start at your own pace, and you will be amazed at what you can achieve!

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our karate focuses on technique, speed and power. A great tool for learning self defence



Our judo known as Ju-Judo uses your opponents force and movement against them.



MayoShinDo kickboxing also known as Khon Ha is great for those thriving for competition.


Want to try something new, get active and improve fitness? let MayoShinDo inspire you to become the best you can!

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Sennen MayoShinDo Club is situated at the community center, the main focus is on karate and Ju-Judo.



Marazion MayoShinDo Club is situated at Marazion school, the main focus is on karate and Ju-Judo



Radley MayoShinDo Club is situated at Radley College in Oxford, the main focus is on karate and Ju-Judo


Chipping Norton

Chipping Norton MayoShinDo Club is situated at the leisure center, where the focus is on Kickboxing