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MayoShinDo Karate

MayoShinDo karate is based on traditional Japanese Karate and Chinese Kung Fu styles including old form Shotokan, Hsing I, Pa-Kua and Tai Chi. It relies on good movement, balance, speed, timing and precision to improve technique. Classes are taught in English and aim to teach self defense whilst improving fitness, coordination and flexibility.

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MayoShinDo Judo

MayoShinDo Judo is based on technique, movement, balance and timing. We aim to use an opponent's movement and direct it towards the floor rather than using excessive strength. This allows all students to practice safely together regardless of size. Techniques are designed to minimise the risk of injury.

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Khon Ha Kickboxing

The Khon-Ha style of kickboxing has been practised in various sites around Oxford for over 20 years headed by Derek Collins. Derek is the MayoShinDo National Coach and is a Black Belt 9th Dan in karate. Derek has instructed hundreds of students over the years and some have gone on to hold British and European titles.

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