Khon Ha Kickboxing

The Khon-Ha style of kickboxing has been practised in various sites around Oxford for over 20 years headed by Derek Collins. Derek is the MayoShinDo National Coach and is a Black Belt 9th Dan in karate. Derek is originally from Oxford and is one of Mr Mayo's early students, training under his instruction for over 35 years. The Khon-Ha style of Kickboxing was invented by Derek over 20 years ago and is different to other styles of Kickboxing that you may have seen. Derek has instructed hundreds of students over the years and some have gone on to hold British and European titles. Bert Barry from Oxford Won The European Title in 1994 and was trained by Derek Collins.

Classes are taken to music, typically 2 minutes of music followed by 30 seconds of silence. During the music you will be expected to follow a routine given by the instructor, for example, kicking a pad or blocking a punch. During the 30 seconds you will perform an exercise, for example, press ups or sit ups.