MayoShinDo Judo

Judo means "gentle way". MayoShinDo Ju-Judo is so named to reinforce the idea that (like our karate) it is about technique, movement, balance and timing without force. We aim to use an opponent's movement and direct it towards the floor rather than using any strength. Techniques are designed to minimise the risk of injury. As strength is not used, there are no weight categories, and students of all sizes can practise together.

Ju-Judo has a full syllabus for each grade, with a variety of throws, breakfalls, rolls and groundholds. Students are expected to be reasonably proficient at all of them in order to attain the next belt. As with the karate, grades progress through a series of coloured belts from white to black, and thereafter, Dan grades.

Although we don't currently have any dedicated judo clubs, judo is still often practised during our karate classes.