Mr Mayo Eulogy

By Derek Collins

On November 30th 2004 G.S. Mayo, 10th dan, died in his 86th year. Founder of Kyushindo, founding Grand Master of MayoShinDo.The martial art world lost a great teacher and practitioner.

Mr Mayo, Chief as his students called him, taught martial arts for more than 50 years. Kyushindo flourishes in its many variations and has been incorporated by many other current styles.

In his later years he developed a style known as MayoShinDo as a statement of the sum of his learning that he wanted to be carried on and developed by future generations. Chief said he'd started Martial arts when he was 8 years old.

In the 1940's he started work on his own style, in the 1950's he became therapist and friend to Kenshiro Abbe, they both started on what they called Kyushindo. Mr Abbe left in 1960 due to injury in a car accident, leaving Mr Mayo developing the style over the years.

Mr Mayo looked at many martial arts and practitioners throughout his life. He also watched people at work and the movement of animals to inform himself further. With his keen eye and knowledge of body movement. Mr Mayo carried on perfecting his techniques all his life.

I trained under Chief for 35 years. I had done a little Judo and Aikido before hand but once starting with Chief I never needed another instructor.

A great master/teacher, an amazing healer, a good friend, another father.

D J Collins 8th Dan MayoShinDo.